Alcohol Addiction Treatment Recovery Resources

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources

List of resources and information for Alcohol Addiction Treatment Recovery & Prevention that you can find on our website. Includes Articles on AA, 12 Step Study Guides, AA Guides, 12 Step Worksheets, AA Litterature, Big Book Study, Addiction Research, Sponsor Information, Meetings and Worksheets, Science and Academia Links to other websites.

If you are an alcoholic, or a drug addict -- never let anyone tell you that you can not get well! — You can quit. You can reclaim and re-create your life. And, you can get better! There are more than two million of us staying sober now!

12 Steps to recover from alcoholism and addiction AND to be happy, joyous and free -- while sober! — Here, you'll find an online copy of the 12 Steps that you can download to print, or to save on your computer, tablet, or Smart Phone! There is also a message on the page about the purpose of the 12 Steps.

AA 12 Traditions — Short Form and 12 Traditions Long Form As read in many AA meetings. Also includes a brief history of A.A.'s 12 Traditions.

Step 1 Video — Father Joseph C. Martin (October 12, 1924 – March 9, 2009) was a Roman Catholic priest, recovering alcoholic and renowned peaker/educator on the issues of alcoholism and drug addiction. These talks were first published in the book, Chalk Talks by Father Martin.

12 Steps Discussion — This link goes to our Fellowship discussion on each of the 12 Steps in the Alcohol Addiction Drug Treatment Recovery forums here on

12 Steps Father Martin - Video — This video has Father Joseph C. Martin (October 12, 1924 – March 9, 2009) delivering his famous Chalk Talks -- on the importance of TAKING all 12 Steps together.

12 Steps in Reverse — Laugh as you read this How to NOT take the 12 Steps of AA and ask yourself if you know someone who is taking the AA 12 Steps this way!

20 Questions Test - Are you alcoholic? Take this test and then you decide.

The 4th Essential Requirement AA in Recovery — Do you know what the FOURTH Essential Requirement is — for AA Recovery?

AA Conventions & Events List List of AA Conventions Round-ups Workshops and Special Events. Send us your groups convention or events so it can be posted here!

AA Meeting Directory for each state in the USA. Here you will find links for meetings, Central Offices, AA Districts and Intergroups for each state and city.

What is The AA Recovery Program? Is there an OFFICIAL plan of recovery?

AA First Step Most Often Misquoted — Have you noticed how often the AA First Step is Misquoted and Mis-stated when read and discussed in meetings? This article is about it.

AA - What is AA? — Do you know what AA really is?

The Medical Definition of an Alcoholic and Alcoholism

— What is Alcoholic Liver Disease ALD? Do you know someone that you think drinks too much? What is one of the long-terms symptoms associated with alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

What is Alcohol Poisoning? — Is it true that it is very often fatal and can kill you?

Alcohol Addiction Drug Treatment Recovery Forum — Help for alcoholics in recovery with online discussions and answers to many questions.

Alcoholic Self Test from The Big Book — This study of the book Alcoholics Anonymous was used as the foundation for this test.

What are Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms And, can you die withdrawing from alcohol? — YES. Read this and get immediate medical attention for anyone suspected of having Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms!

Chapter 3 More About AlcoholismA portian of Chapter 3, More about alcoholism -- as read in many AA meetings in Southern California

Chapter 5 How it works A portian of Chapter 5, How it works -- as read in many AA meetings

Spiritual Way of Life - Part 1 -- Chuck C. Video, (New Pair of Glasses). Very rare!

Spiritual Way of Life - Part 2 -- Chuck C. Video, (New Pair of Glasses) Very rare!

Spiritual Way of Life - Part 3 -- Chuck C. Video, (New Pair of Glasses) Very rare!

Spiritual Way of Life - Part 4 -- Chuck C. Video, (New Pair of Glasses) Very rare!

Spiritual Way of Life - Part 5 -- Chuck C. Video, (New Pair of Glasses) Very rare!

Spiritual Way of Life - Part 6 -- Chuck C. Video, (New Pair of Glasses) Very rare!

Clancy's 7 Questions: This is the Original Clancy's 7 Questions (A.A. Sponsor, Sponsorship, for Newcomer and Old-timers) — There are many copies of this floating around that have been stolen, copied, changed, modified. If you get it here -- you're guaranteed it's the real original! :-)

Conventions & Special Events AA Conventions, Round-ups, Workshops, Book Studies, and Retreats.

Doctors Opinion The Doctor's Opinion, from the book, Alcoholics Anonymous

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Emotional Sobriety What is Emotional Sobriety? How do you get it? This article goes beyond the common letter by Bill W. on Emotional sobriety.

God as we understand Him - A Documentary Video

How Bill W. Took The Steps How did Bill W., take the 12 Steps — Before the 12 Steps were written?

Links Page

AA Meeting Directory Directory of AA Meetings with links to pages for AA meetings throughout the United States.

Meeting Topics in the AA Big Book A list of suggested meeting topics for AA discussion meetings -- that are found in the AA Big Book.

Prayer of St. Francis Video Music video Prayer of St. Francis Video the AA book 12 Steps and 12 Traditions

Principles of The 12 Steps : An article by a renowned AA Historian and Archivist, writes about The Principles of the 12 Steps and where the 12 Step Principles come from

Promises — on Page 83 The Promises in Big Book (page 83) that are read in many AA Meetings

Rehab Glossary & Terms A Laymen's guide for the definition of words used in treatment centers rehab centers and recovery of alcoholics and drug addicts

Steps DiscussionA Discussion of the 12 Steps in the Recovery Forum

Step 1 Misquoted An AA Member shares -- Step One is the most misquoted Step of the 12 Steps. Had I known the proper description of an alcoholic – and realized that the and my life had become unmanageable -- was not part of the description of an alcoholic – I might have had a better chance of grasping the concept of alcoholism and recovery.

Step 2 Personal Experience ~An alcoholic shares a personal story of how he took Step Three, of AA's 12 Steps

Step 3 Personal Experience~An alcoholic shares his personal story of how he was able to jump through the hoop and take Step Three, of AA's 12 Steps

Step 4 Worksheets These are the Official 12 Step AA 4th Step Guides and Worksheets created and used by Dallas B., using the AA Big Book in the AA 4th Step Workshops. If you get these anywhere else -- they are probably NOT original, and not the same

Step Study Workshop Notes and handouts from a 12 Step Big Book workshop on AA's 12 Steps, as presented by Dallas B.

Traditions Check-List The 12 Traditions Checklist - from the A.A. Grapevine / Service Material is from the General Service Office: These questions were originally published in the AA Grapevine in conjunction with a series on the Twelve Traditions that began in November 1969 and ran through September 1971. While they were originally intended primarily for individual use, many AA groups have since used them as a basis for wider discussion.

Treatment ProgramsNo single drug addiction or alcohol treatment approach works for everyone. This article and guide is to help you find an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Program That Works For You

Vision For YouVISION FOR YOU AA Big Book Vision For you,is read at the end of many A.A. Meetings right before the ending prayer.

What is the AA Program?An essay by a member shares about the AA program.

20 Questions Self-Test - Are you alcoholic? Take this test and then you decide.

Alcoholic Self Test using the Big Book Description This is a simple Self-Test Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholic and Definition. While it may not be scientific enough you can ask your doctor about it!

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