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Please do not expect a ‘professional response’ — and please don’t ask a  ‘professional question.’  There are no professionals here to help you — or to give you professional advice.

If you’re trying to find an A. A. Meeting — use one of the A. A.  telephone numbers  in the A. A. Meeting Directory.

We don’t have any phone numbers or meeting location information other than what’s posted already in the Meeting Directory

Sometimes, our reply will be slow — due the the number of requests we get — with a limited number of volunteers here to answer questions.

If you are contacting us to add or update meeting information — or to list a special A. A. Event, please use this other form insteadMeeting Directory Contact

We are not AAWS  Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. We are an Online  Group of  A. A. Members  — being of service. It’s like two different things.

If you’re wanting to contact AAWS please visit the AAWS  website and use the contact form there.

Thank you!

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