The 12 Step Alcohol Addiction Recovery Support Group

The 12 Step Alcohol Addiction Recovery Support Group provides online support, information and resources for people battling alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse and other addictions to achieve recovery.

What are we doing here? Providing online support and information for people like ourselves -- (recovered alcoholics and addicts) who have battled alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse and other addictions -- and we found a way to recover and get better. We also seek to be of help to the families, friends, co-workers, and those that love the alcoholic and addicts. We know, first hand, what it is like to suffer. And, we know how to recover.

Why are we doing it? It's all part of our own recovery. It helps us to stay clean and sober IF we are trying to help other alcoholics and addicts to achieve sobriety and recover. And, by helping others to make their lives better -- it helps to make our lives better.

Are we part of or doing this on behalf of some large Anonymous organization or religious group? No. We do it as invidivuals. Yes. We associate ourselves with some large Anonymous organizations and some of us go to church, or temple and other places of worship. And, some of us, don't. We do all we can to help them, too. But, they are not affiliated or a part of us and what we do here. It's just all about helping others -- even organizations that help others -- for fun and for free -- as part of our individual recovery.

None of us are professionals at helping alcoholics or addicts to recover. We do not provide professional help to anyone at any level. If you want or need professional help or advice -- we cannot help you with that and you should look for a professional if that's what you think you need. We have no opinions on that and we cannot and will not offer opinions or suggestions or professional help.

We simply share with you what has worked for us and still works for us daily -- so that we could get well. And, so we could recreate our lives into a positive force and source for good towards all. We call this experience, strength, hope, our time and our efforts.

Do we get paid to do this? No. None of us draw a salary for our efforts to help others. Any revenue that comes from advertising or other sources simply goes to help pay our expenses to run and maintain this website -- so that it can be self-supporting. And, when it's NOT enough to cover our expenses -- we dig into our own pockets and make a financial contribution to cover the difference. launched in 1995, primarily as a means for one A.A. member who had re-located 1600 miles away from his Home Group -- to keep in touch with his Home Group Members. It was a private website then and the public was not allowed to view the contents without being a member.

In early 1996, we began a print newsletter called "Carry This Message" which was circulated to local A.A. members, and then later that year, began publishing "Step12 Magazine"e, which was circulated to members in the three states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. using as the flagship and foundation for the magazine.

The cost to print and circulate the Step 12 Magazine quickly depleted the owner's resources for such an endeavor, so the print publication was dropped in favor of keeping the's online edition of Step 12 Magazine.

For a brief period of time, the website was transferred to the Alcoholic Addiction Foundation, to run and manage the website. It proved to be too much for the Alcoholic Addiction Foundation to operate -- so the responsibility to operate the website has reverted back to it's original owner and publisher of the online Step 12 Magazine.

As an online magazine -- it isn't as difficult to explain what we are or what it is that we do. We are Publishers who publish addiction and recovery related online content for the purpose of inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, connecting and educating those that we serve.

Operating the website as publishers of an online magazine, we feel, is now more in line to keep us from controversy and provides us with editorial decisions and operational options that were difficult to make while it was operating more closely aligned as an Online-A.A. Group. Our primary purpose is to: Inspire. Encourage. Entertain. Support. Inform. Connect and to Educate our readers and visitors -- as we carry this message of recovery and hope to all who can benefit from our efforts.

We are currently in the process of completely and totally re-designing and rebuilding the website to bring it back up to more current technological standards of the latest in communication devices.

Our mission is still the same as it always has been: To carry "this message" to other alcoholics and addicts to help them achieve sobriety and recovery. (Which keeps us sober!) When anyone reaches out for help for their drinking and alcoholic addiction problems -- we want to be here as a community support and resource to assist them.

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