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A Suggested Program

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:47 am
by Slunga
"Here are the steps we took as a suggested program of recovery". This statement has been taken to mean the steps are suggestions only. This has not been my experience nor what I have been taught. The steps, ALL of them, ARE the AA program of recovery.If I wanted the same recovery from alcoholism And all the promises as stated in the BB to come true, I would have to do and embrace all 12 steps. This program of recovery is recommended to get the same results as the AA'rs who wrote the book, and the millions who have followed after. The bottom line is the BB, the steps, and the traditions were written by and for alcoholics. If others want to adapt, change the wording, take god, higher power, and spirituality out of the literature, they are free to do so, just don't call it AA. I am always amazed by folks who come to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and take exception to the others that just want to talk about the solutions for recovery from alcoholism. Whatever venue is taken, I sincerely hope it will bring you the joy, happiness, and freedom that I have received from practicing these AA principles in all my affairs. A suggested program for recovery , not a program of suggestions.