What does it mean: "The problem centers in the mind"?

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What does it mean: "The problem centers in the mind"?

Post by Dallas » Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:07 pm

What does it mean: "The problem centers in the mind"?

When we say "the problem centers in the mind" we're referring to the unconscious part of the mind. A part separate of the cerebral cortex. A part that controls things like breathing, automatic reflex and response. The part that takes care of the stuff that we do that we're not consciously thinking about doing.

When we say "the problem centers in the mind" we're referring to unconscious actions, decisions and courses of actions that are going on inside us -- below the level of our conscious awareness.

A metaphor could be: While you've been reading this -- you weren't thinking about taking your next breath that you would take. A part of your mind that makes sure you continue to breath without thinking about it, was insuring that you were breathing. With the alcoholic, a part of the mind that makes sure you continue drinking without thinking about it -- is insuring that you'll take your next drink.

A little scary, aye? Consciously, the alcoholic KNOWS that to take the next drink is to die. It will lead to a course of drinking produced by a physical craving for alcohol that he cannot over-power, -- that will be in agreement to the decision made in the unconscious part of the mind, to take the next first drink.

Ask him or her "why did you take that first drink?" And, quite honestly, they'll say "I don't know. I had been trying so hard to not drink the next drink -- and the next think I know was, I was drunk."

The only alternative that I know of -- is to consciously take a certain course of conscious actions -- that will lead to a transformation inside of that "unconscious part" of the mind that's causing me to drink -- so that I can produce different results. Not drinking.

It would be great if I could take that "certain course of actions" just once -- to insure that it would produce a permanent change to fix me of my drinking problem. But, it doesn't work that way. It's only by "continuing" that certain course of actions, that will keep me from drinking. Once I stop the actions -- at some point, I'll return to drinking just as naturally as my body taking it's next breath -- all without me thinking about it or making a conscious decision to breath.

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Re: What does it mean: "The problem centers in the mind"?

Post by Slunga » Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:05 pm

Speaking for myself, in the beginning my mind told me I was drinking for the fun of it. Later, my mind told me this is what adults do, so I drank with all the adult gusto I could muster. Still later, when I began to question some of the effects the alcohol was beginning to have on my social and economic life, my mind told me not to worry, I was doing just fine. Those other folks just don't understand.I'm handling it just ducky. On I went until things were not fine, my mind on numbed autopilot, no longer reassuring me. By the grace of God, a small window of clarity opened just enough for me to realize I needed to get help. And I needed to get it NOW. Being in the program for a while now, it becomes easier and easier to recognize these little windows of opportunity for growth and the need to step through and move forward. But the untreated alcoholic mind, in my case, is truly where the problem centers, because it lies.

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