Dear Meth

Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Dear Meth

Post by llfrazier1980 » Fri May 20, 2016 10:39 pm

It's been over 5 months now since we last spoke, and I just wanted to write you this letter and tell you how thankful I am now that I have life, and I am no longer broke. You thought it was funny when you took all my money, and took my shine away on the day's it was sunny. You consumed my life, my heart, my soul, and you filled me with darkness thinking that it would fill the empty hole. As you sat and you watched me inject your poison into my veins, you threw a party and began making a tombstone with my name. You never cared about my life at all, in fact you were sitting there hoping that my family would receive that dreaded call. One thing you did not realize is that I still had strength, I had already found my Higher Power, and that last day I used I still had life left in my tank. I prayed and I prayed that I would be saved, and sure enough the good Lord heard my prayer and the road was paved. Look at me now Meth, take a good look, for my life is now going to be written in a different book. You shall not receive the will from my death, God has won that, and you will not be the cause of my last breath. With that being said, I say goodbye, there will not be until we meet again because I no longer need your high.

Written By Lisa Laughnan

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Re: Dear Meth

Post by Step 12 » Sun May 22, 2016 2:36 am

That's awesome. Thank you for sharing it!

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