What does the Step 3 Decision mean?

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What does the Step 3 Decision mean?

Post by Dallas » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:09 am

What does the Step 3 Decision mean?

Detailed and precise instructions for taking Step Three is located on pages 61-64, in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous. However, for a better understanding of why it's important to take all 12 Steps, and why the Third Step is crucial, is explained on pages 59 through 61, of the book. Those pages also reiterate Steps 1 and 2.

The title of Chapter 5, on page 58, is "How it works".

The title describes "what's next". And, it begins to describe precisely what the founders and Pioneers were doing that "worked." (On page 88, we will later read: "It works -- it really does."

So, our first consideration should be on finding out what "It" is. And, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding here.

Some will assume that It is God. And, I propose that God, is not referred to as "It." Bill, in his writings never writes or refers to "God, as we understand Him", or a "Higher Power" as "It".

Bill, does use many words and names to describe his understanding of God, such as "Our Creator" or "Father". However, he never uses the word "It" in regards to God.

Naturally, then, the first question that should be asked and answered is: What is "It"?

I believe that what "It" is: Is, "the 12 Steps." Remember, that the 12 Steps "is" A.A. And, we have three things that are named "Alcoholics Anonymous" or A.A.

a. First is the book, Alcoholics Anonymous. The sober bunch of drunks that had discovered a way to stays sober, decided that they needed an official name. They were finished with their trial and error research of experiments using Oxford Groups' Concepts, which only partially worked for them, and they realized that they needed to break away completely from their association with the Oxford Groups. The program of recovery was similar to the Oxford Groups formula for conversion -- but, it was also very different. And, they recognized that because of the differences -- many of which were not acceptable to the Oxford Groups' Movement, they needed a clean break with the Oxford Groups. They (the soon to become AA's) didn't have an official "name" that they called themselves or their new program. And, since the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" had just been published by them, they decided to name their society, and their organization after the book -- by taking on the title of the book, as their name. So, they decided that their official name was now to be known as "Alcoholics Anonymous." And, in this book, they wrote:

So, the first Alcoholics Anonymous, is "the book Alcoholics Anonymous".

b. The second Alcoholics Anonymous -- is the Fellowship, the membership of Alcoholics Anonymous, from which the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous

b. Important point number two: In the forward to the First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, we read:

Question 1: What is "It".

"what precisely do we do --and how do we do it -- that works. Let's take a moment to answer what the title means.

As we begin to read at the top of page 58, we read:

"Rarely have we seen a person fail that has thoroughly followed our path..."

One of the concepts that we discover on pages 58 through 61,

Step 3, is about making a decision to make a change!

Step 3: We made a decision to change.

Our book indicates that “We thought well before making this decision”

For me, Step Three is about making a “decision to change.”

Below was my own list of changes, both personal and things that I noticed from pages 60-63 of the Big Book, leading up to the 3rd Step Prayer.

You may or may not identify with some of the things on the list – if you don’t identify, or it isn’t something that you may need to consider “changing”, then just change the word “We” to “He” (referring to me) in the list below!!!

What thoughts and actions have we decided to change?

1. We’ve decided that we are going to stop playing God.
2. We’ve decided that we are no longer going to be the “Boss” over anyone or anything – we’re going to stop trying to boss everyone else around.
3. We’ve decided we have no business telling other people what to do – or, what they should do – and we stop doing it.
4. We’ve decided to stop taking other peoples inventory and start taking our own inventory.
5. We’ve decided to stop trying to clean someone else’s house – and we clean our own house.
6. We’ve decided to stop trying to arrange people, places, and things in life to suit ourselves.
7. We’ve decided to stop hurting other people and taking advantage of them.
8. We’ve decided we’re willing to treat all people like they really are God’s kids.
9. We’ve decided we’re going to stop being offensive.
10. We’ve decided to clean up our mouth – and to stop talking about other people.
11. We’ve decided to act with integrity, honesty and decency.
12. We’ve decided to treat all people with respect and dignity and love and tolerance and patience – not just those who we like.
13. We’ve decided to genuinely help others – rather than trying to take advantage of the weak ones.
14. We’ve decided we’re going to clean up our sex lives and to stop using and abusing others just to fulfill our own sexual desires.
15. We’ve decided to be honest.
16. We’ve decided to stop our cheating, lying, manipulating and cutting corners.
17. We decided to do what we say we will do and to keep our agreements and our commitments.
18. We decided that if we say we are going to do something – then, we do it – unless it’s wrong to do it or if it’s something that will harm someone else.
19. We’ve decided that we’re going to trust God – and clean house entirely.


Dallas B.

NOTE: In the above list -- we haven't changed anything yet! We're just looking at a list -- and making a decision on some needed changes. Of course... any of those changes that we can make, we go ahead and make them. For me... with some of the things on the list... I needed God's help through all 12 Steps to make the changes!!! (Particularly Steps Six and Seven)!

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Re: What does the Step 3 Decision mean?

Post by sunlight » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:16 am

Finally found a minute to say that this share is awesome!

But, what an order! I need the help of my Higher Power & the fellowship to go through with it. And to keep at it.

I'm much happier, peaceful & effective when I do, though.

Thank you for this post. I'm going to print it out & glue it to the insides of my eyelids. :lol:

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Re: What does the Step 3 Decision mean?

Post by Slunga » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:38 pm

For me Step 3 was simply a decision to abandon my arrogant, selfish self will to a power that I knew nothing about , yet,. and have complete faith that this program of recovery was going to work.Definitely scary stuff in the beginning, but now, WOW!

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