What is A. A. Alcoholics Anonymous?

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What is A. A. Alcoholics Anonymous?

Post by Step 12 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:40 pm

There are four components to A. A. 1. A Fellowship (the members gathering for the purpose of being of service). 2. A recovery program (the 12 Steps) and 3. The book, Alcoholics Anonymous – which describes with precise and specific instructions on How the recovery program of A. A. works. And, How to Recover. https://step12.com/aa/aa-1/what-is-aa-a ... anonymous/

A. A. is not just a Fellowship or support group that has meetings to attend.

A. A. real recovery program — has nothing to do with this 90 meetings in 90 days stuff. And, the 90 in 90 is not A. A.

This is why many who claim to have tried A. A. failed to succeed. And, then they bash A. A. when the fact is — they didn’t try A. A they tried going to meetings.

Also — when they went to the A. A. meetings — they went for the wrong purpose.

As A. A. Members we don’t go to A. A. meetings to get help — We go to A. A. meetings to to GIVE help

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Re: What is A. A. Alcoholics Anonymous?

Post by Slunga » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:17 pm

Interesting topic. I was just at a panel discussion on traditions and sponsorship. AA meetings have become the catch-all and dumping ground for all kinds of addictions , by way of doctors , lawyers, judges, probation officers , therapists and treatment centers, obviously by ignorance of what AA does and is for. It is my hope for intergroups and district reps to at least TRY and educate these professionals about what AA can and cannot help with , the difference between open and closed meetings, traditions etc. As of now I see too many committees and no action.Strong sponsorship is a massive help when helping newcomers understand AA and meeting etiquette. In a world of politically correctness, no one wants to step on any ones toes, even if it means saving someones life. I see people are now calling alcoholism " alcohol use disorder". How proper. I was always taught that this is a life or death struggle, and to treat it as such. Unity and identification gives AA strength to help fellow alcoholics. Without unity, chaos rules and we help no one.At our meetings, solutions are proposed, from the big book. Traditions are studied and followed, and one thing some are scared to death of, we qualify the new person to see if AA can help or point them in the direction of the fellowship that can.

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