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About A. A. Meetings

Post by Step 12 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:49 pm

The single purpose of ALL A. A. Meetings (Open or Closed Meetings) is for A. A. members to be of service by helping other alcoholics with their problem related to alcoholism. That’s why they are called Alcoholics’ Anonymous.

In A. A. History -- meetings had a two fold purpose: 1. A place where the recovering alcoholics could gather for a social gathering with each other and encourage each other. 2. A place where the newcomer could bring their problem and have it discussed by the more experienced A. A. members.

A simple metaphor to explain this might be: If you have a problem with your lawn mower – you don’t take it to your dry cleaner or beauty shop to get it fixed. You take it to the lawn mower repair shop – who’s primary purpose is to fix lawn mowers. ~Dallas B.

If you’re seeking help for problems ‘other than alcohol‘ and/or drinking alcohol – it would best serve you, and those who attend A. A. meetings, if you seek help from an organization that’s committed to solving the nature of your ‘other’ problems.

With that said – of course, many members of Alcoholics Anonymous have suffered other types of problems.

More can be found here: https://step12.com/aa/aa-meetings/about-aa-meetings/

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