4th Step Worksheets Guides and 12 Steps Study Work Sheets from the AA Big Book Workshops

These are the Original and Official 4th Step Guides and Work sheetsused in the Dallas B., AA Big Book 4th Step Workshops and 12 Step Study Workshops. If you get these 4th Step Worksheets anywhere else -- they are likely not the originals and may have been changed or altered! :-)

Dallas B., has arranged with the Alcohol Addiction Foundation (that has given us permission) to reproduce and distribute the Official 4th Step Study Guides, provided that we will keep the original work as it was -- and will distribute it free -- to anyone who requests it.

For Integrity: By having THIS website distribute the original work -- it is insured, that what he has passed on to others, will be passed on to others, and that it will not be changed, modified or diluted.

These 4th Step Worksheets and A.A Fourth Study Guides are distilled right out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous!

These Step Study Guides and Worksheets have been used by thousands of AA's, NA's, Al-Anon's, OA Overeater's, CA's, GA's and other 12 Step Recovery Program Members that use the 12 Steps  as instructed in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous.

Get the most out of these A.A. 4th Step Work sheets!

You can get the MOST out of using these 4th Step Worksheets and 4th Step Study Guides, by taking time to read the INSTRUCTIONS that go with them. Included as a download file, below.

YOU CAN CHANGE. YOU CAN RECOVER.  YOU CAN GET BETTER. Your WHOLE life inside AND outside can change for the better. And, continue to get better and better and better!

You can know a level of peace, comfort, happiness and success in life (while sober) -- that may have been previously unimaginable to you!

There is a difference in an 'AWAKENING" and an "understanding". Step 12 is -- "Having had a Spiritual Awakening -- as the result of these Steps"

First experience the AWAKENING! (That comes from following the precise instructions in the Big Book as you take the 12 Steps) Then, seek to better understand what you experienced in the Awakening! Your Life as an alcoholic depends upon this AWAKENING. After you're Awakened -- then, you can spend the rest of your life on trying to understand it better.

The purpose of taking the 12 Steps -- is so that you can be happy, joyous, free and comfortable -- while sober -- as you go out to help other alcoholics and suffering people to find what you have found -- that changed you!

Step 4: "Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves."

NOTE: Scroll down this page for the links to the 5 worksheets that you can download. (About the middle of this page). You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the forms. You can get this free at Adobe.com , for your PC, or download it and install it from Google's Play Store for your SmartPhone or Tablet. IOS users can get it from Adobe.com or from the Apple Apps Store.

Click on the links and they will open and save or print a copy. Or, you can right click your mouse button on the link, and select "Save Target As" to download them to your PC.

"To show other alcoholics precisely how we have recovered is the main purpose of this book." — Forward to the First Edition of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous

There is much more to life than just being physically sober.There is much more to sobriety than having the obsession for alcohol removed.Sober isn’t much fun - unless we can learn to be happy and sober.

To be happy WHILE sober requires emotional sobriety.

The Fourth Step is ONE of our first action step towards PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL sobriety.

We are in a process to recreate our lives.

In Step 3, We made a decision to give up our old plans for living and to try A.A.’s 12 Step Plan for Living.

Step Four is a fact-finding and fact-facing process. We are searching for the "causes and conditions" of our miserable results in life!

We want to uncover the truth about ourselves.

We want to discover the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, fears, actions, behaviors, and the behavior patterns - that have been blocking us and causing us problems and causing our failure.

We want to learn the exact nature our "character defects" and what causes us to do the unacceptable things we do - so that once they are removed - we can acquire and live with new attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors for our HIGHEST good, and for the HIGHEST good of those with whom we come in contact.

This prepares us to live a life of purpose - where we can be in maximum fit condition to be of service to others.

And, by taking inventory and learning the exact nature of our wrongs - we will be able to recognize when we might be slipping into our old way of life - and headed for new problems, and possibly relapse.

Everything contained in the Fourth Step Inventory Worksheets is directly from the book - Alcoholics Anonymous.

Be sure to download ALL FIVE WORKSHEETS below:

The first one is the 4th Step Guide Instructions page. Read the instructions page first. If you have you can contact Dallas B. in the 12 Step Forums here. Or with the website contact form — and we will be sure that he gets it! You can also contact Dallas B., on Facebook

1 The 4th Step Guide Instructions

2. The 4th Step - Resentments worksheet.

3. The 4th Step - Fears worksheet

4. The4th Step - Sex Conduct Worksheet.

5. The 4th Step Inventory - Harms To Others Worksheet

There is a detailed instruction sheet that goes with the Step 4 Inventory forms, from the workshop. Please read that instruction sheet, follow the instructions, and also read all the references in the Big Book mentioned in the instructions, and read the Big Book references on each one of the individual forms.

If someone offers you one that you can type your 4th Step Inventory in it — RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! The Big Book SPECIFICALLY instructs us use pen and paper to do this! :-)

NOTE: Is this official A.A. Literature? What is more OFFICIAL — than The Book, Alcoholics Anonymous? :-)

AA does not endorse ANYONE, not any AA member, and not even endorse an AA Groups or an AA Meetings! That would violate the 12 Traditions — Specifically in regards to Autonomy — as explained in AA Tradition Number 4.

If you have questions, or need additional help — contact us.

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