Official Medical Definition of Alcoholism and Alcoholic

The first step to solving any problem is to define the problem.  To define the problem of alcoholic and/or alcoholism we need an operating definition. This sounds simple and easy enough, aye? Get on your favorite search engine and search for: ‘Official Medical Definition of Alcoholic and Alcoholism.’ On Google – I got 32,100,000 results. … Read more

Using the 12 Steps to Overcome ANY Addiction

Yes.  You read that right.  I said ‘Using the 12 Steps to Overcome ANY Addiction‘.  You can use the 12 Steps to overcome ANY addiction. How do I know this?  1. I’ve personally used the 12 Steps to recover from my own addictions. 2. I began using the 12 Steps for recovery in 1986 – … Read more

Clancy’s Seven Questions

For Sponsors, Sponsorship and Newcomer’s The original Clancy’s Seven Questions was something I wrote down, while I was talking with Clancy I., on the telephone during one of my weekly check-in calls with him. To keep the story short — I wrote down the questions WRONG! And, I had already posted them online in a … Read more