We Are ALL About Recovery

You can recover from  alcoholism and addiction.

You can get over the mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

You can get off the mental and emotional roller-coasters.

You can gain better health.

You can discover a new design for living.

You can rebuild and recreate your life.

We know you can — because we did.   🙂

You CAN use the 12 Steps to Overcome ANY Addiction.

You Can Achieve An Over-all Healthy Way of  Living The Good Life — While Sober!

That’s why we’re here.  And that’s what we’re all about.

We’re here to help you — if you want it.

Our focus is on recovery.  Sobriety.  Emotional balance and well-being. A healthy, healing, productive, lifestyle — that can totally rebuild and recreate our lives– and  relationships.

We’re about gaining freedom from the bondage of alcohol  and drugs. Freedom from addictions and obsessions.  Solving our relationship problems.  Living life with serenity and peace of mind. And getting over the  things that kept us from living the Good Life!

We learned how to feel good — while sober!

This is ALL totally practical, possible and normal and can and should be experienced as a choice for anyone who wants it.

We’re in the middle of making some long over-due changes to this website.

The changes will make it easier for you to gain access our information and help.

When we made this website — we didn’t have smartphones and tablets.  Now,  more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet — than they are using  the clunky old dinosaur computers we had to work with when we started.

So, please excuse us for our mess.  🙂    We hope to be finished soon.

While we’re making the changes — we’ve left up our old website pages for you to use until we get finished.

12 Steps Recovery Step 12 .com
12 Steps Recovery — Step 12 .com


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  • Gay-Straight-Men-Women etc.
    I am responsible, I want the hand of AA to always be there. When someone asks to be sponsored, is it a prerequisite to look at their race, gender or sexual preference to determine if they are qualified for recovery ? How about if the person is willing to go to any lengths to get […]
  • Powerful Stuff
    While paging through the 12 & 12 , I came across some sobering info on page #"174 that is as pertinent today as it was when written. Bill put it simply and precisely ," Unless each A.A. member follows to the best of his ability our suggested Twelve Steps to recovery, he almost certainly signs […]
  • About A. A. Meetings
    The single purpose of ALL A. A. Meetings (Open or Closed Meetings) is for A. A. members to be of service by helping other alcoholics with their problem related to alcoholism. That’s why they are called Alcoholics’ Anonymous.In A. A. History -- meetings had a two fold purpose: 1. A place where the recovering alcoholics […]
  • What is A. A. Alcoholics Anonymous?
    There are four components to A. A. 1. A Fellowship (the members gathering for the purpose of being of service). 2. A recovery program (the 12 Steps) and 3. The book, Alcoholics Anonymous – which describes with precise and specific instructions on How the recovery program of A. A. works. And, How to Recover. https://step12.com/aa/aa-1/what-is-aa-a […]
  • How to find a local A. A. Meeting?
    To find a local A. A. meeting: First, go to this page: https://step12.com/aa/aa-meetings/Then scroll down the page and click or touch the link that has the State name of where you want to find an A. A. meeting.This will take you to a page with A. A. meeting listings — or it will provide you […]