We’re all about recovery!

You can — recover from  alcoholism and addiction.

You can — get over the mood swings, anxiety, and depression — while sober.

You can — get off the mental and emotional roller-coasters.

You can — gain better health.

You can — discover a new design for living.

You can — rebuild and recreate your life.

We know you canbecause we (and hundreds-of-thousands of others) did! 

The only variable is — YOU — and your willingness to take certain actions.

You CAN use the 12 Steps — to Overcome ANY Addiction.

Our primary purpose is to help you achieve Sobriety. 

Sobriety includes Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health, balance and well-being. A healthy, healing, productive, Lifestyle — that can totally rebuild and recreate your life – and  your relationships.

This can and should be experienced as a choice for anyone who wants it.

The best part is it’s FREE!

————– NOTE ————————

We’re in the middle of making some huge changes to this website. The changes will make it easier for you to gain access our information and help. Be sure to check back often.

Dallas B.