Indiana A. A. Meetings
Indiana A. A. Meetings

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Madison County Intergroup
Anderson IN
765 644-3212

Tri-State Intergroup
Angola IN
866 608-3793

Central Service Office
949a Middlebury St
Elkhart IN
574 295-8188

Southwestern Indiana
Central Office
Rm 12 Court Bldg
123 N W 4th Street
Evansville IN
812 464-2219

Fort Wayne Area Intergroup
2118 Inwood Drive Suite 112
Ft. Wayne IN
260 471-6262

Southeastern Indiana Intergroup
Greensburg IN
812 663-0821

Calumet Area Intergroup
7207 Indianapolis Blvd.
Hammond IN
24 HR Answering Service
(219) 844-6695

Indianapolis Intergroup
136 E Market Street #1030
Indianapolis IN
317 632-7864

Oficina Intergrupal Hispana
Indianapolis IN
317 631-5099

Lafayette Area Intergroup
Lafayette IN
Answering Service
765 742-1666

Marion Area Intergroup
Marion IN
765 677-7535

Muncie District
A. A. Intergroup
Muncie IN
765 284-2515

Richmond Indiana
Answering Service
Richmond IN
765 965-1800

Michiana Central Service Office
814 E Jefferson Blvd
South Bend IN
574 234-7007

Wabash Valley Intergroup
Terre Haute IN
Phone: 812.235.7263

What is A. A. – Alcoholics Anonymous?

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RSS 12 Steps Recovery

  • Gay-Straight-Men-Women etc.
    I am responsible, I want the hand of AA to always be there. When someone asks to be sponsored, is it a prerequisite to look at their race, gender or sexual preference to determine if they are qualified for recovery ? How about if the person is willing to go to any lengths to get […]
  • Powerful Stuff
    While paging through the 12 & 12 , I came across some sobering info on page #"174 that is as pertinent today as it was when written. Bill put it simply and precisely ," Unless each A.A. member follows to the best of his ability our suggested Twelve Steps to recovery, he almost certainly signs […]
  • About A. A. Meetings
    The single purpose of ALL A. A. Meetings (Open or Closed Meetings) is for A. A. members to be of service by helping other alcoholics with their problem related to alcoholism. That’s why they are called Alcoholics’ Anonymous.In A. A. History -- meetings had a two fold purpose: 1. A place where the recovering alcoholics […]
  • What is A. A. Alcoholics Anonymous?
    There are four components to A. A. 1. A Fellowship (the members gathering for the purpose of being of service). 2. A recovery program (the 12 Steps) and 3. The book, Alcoholics Anonymous – which describes with precise and specific instructions on How the recovery program of A. A. works. And, How to Recover. […]
  • How to find a local A. A. Meeting?
    To find a local A. A. meeting: First, go to this page: scroll down the page and click or touch the link that has the State name of where you want to find an A. A. meeting.This will take you to a page with A. A. meeting listings — or it will provide you […]
  • Anxiety and depression help
    When I got sober depression and anxiety were major problems for me. And they still are -- if get away from using the 12 Steps to keep in shape.Tony Robbins, his books, videos and seminars were a lot of help for me. When I began to use his version of NLP 'with' AND AS PART […]
  • God and recovery
    We never apologize to anyone for depending upon our Creator. We can laugh at those who think spirituality the way of weakness. Paradoxically, it is the way of strength. A.A. Big Book, page 68
  • To get over drinking
    To get over drinking will require a transformation of thought and attitude. We all had to place recovery above everything, for without recovery we would have lost both home and business. Bill W., Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, page 143
  • A Suggested Program
    "Here are the steps we took as a suggested program of recovery". This statement has been taken to mean the steps are suggestions only. This has not been my experience nor what I have been taught. The steps, ALL of them, ARE the AA program of recovery.If I wanted the same recovery from alcoholism And […]
  • My Redemption Story
    I have struggled with addiction for 20 years of my life. My drug(s) of choice were Oxycodone and Heroin, but I abused LSD, Cocaine and Methamphetamines. What you are about to read is in short my story. Some or most people would say there are underlying reasons as to why people become addicted to drugs. […]

AAWS (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services). AAWS has their own website with online resources, literature and information for A. A. members. We are not AAWS. We encourage you to visit the AAWS website if you have don’t find what you’re looking for here.